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Meta-conscious development - 'On-line classes!

Posted by Brenda May on February 26, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (1)

We are now entering the stage at where the need to renew our conscious connection to the fact that we are truly multidimensional folk, and on the normal everyday level, will be enabled to work through the varying levels of knowledge which have for so long been covered up, and ignored in favour of the lower-consciousness. - As the Light of an added Shift in our Consciousness gets underway fully, so it is that we all are going to need the occassional 'Elbow in the side' in order that we can fully make a conscious effort to make use of this higher understanding in life; and gradually , to let the lower consciousness work on the consciousness it has thus far been allocated through our use of it. - (This is a 'poke in the side', and will be but the first from this site).

In order to utilize this ability properly we are going to have to begin to use the energies surrounding us, bringing them into play as it were more and more, like they are our 'new' daily consciousness. - This action will begin the process of making the journey on and through Mother Earth so much more smoother, as we will be in fact taking another turn on the grand 'Spiral Staircasre' of Life.  - This action will find us all doing the same things; but on a much lighter energy pattern, meaning that it all will / should be so much more fulfilling.  We shall find ourselves migrating to another thought pattern in the way we react to Life in general - though will at the same time - leave/forget that which has served us well for so long; thus making us all think we are 'losing it' - the old brains failing me'!!!  - (@:@) - NO! - not so - Just that we do not need that particular wave of light pattern upon that particular aspect of our physical bodies anymore; as we naturally are utilising our higher frequency, - Its all part and parcel of the Great Shift in our (Mass) Consciousness' Each thought wave that leaves us, goes into the 'space', and will end up where it is meant to through the effort of our focussing on the thought, and more importantly than that - the INTENTION of that thought, but not much will make proper sense unless we actively work upon these understandings -

There is always that termed as:- 'The Other Side of The Coin' - As we are in a Dualistic environment / Just as we are in a universe which is as a Hologram, each small change exactly mirrors the previous/next, with just a tiny 'upgade' to facilitate the appropriate level of dimensional frequency level we should be finding ourselves on - We are Truly Just where our consciousness is; as will be proved by our scientists, as they 'discover' the results of the energy exchanges taking place, whilst investigating the qualities of Healing; focussing our thoughts on the many aspects put to those who are taking part in the many experiments conserning our thought waves/patterns.  As the physical body has come to a stsage whereby it has allowed sufficient light into the physical World of Matter - this is the time when we can ALL each one of us have the opportunity to move within the shift of energies - We are on the way to opening up to another method of understanding life - This site is truly organic - it will grow as I/we grow through our level of consciousness.

I am so looking forward to this next stage in life on Mother Earth, and so should eveyone, looking at problems as the same principle as that of the 'wind-up' torches; radio; etc:...  IE:- You need some form of resistance set up in order to produce the required charge to enable life to continue under a differing set of circumstances.  We all should now be seriously considering these aspects of life, and to consider how they can be activated in our personal lives, fo it is true that - 'all are respnsible for their personal progression' - Life itself is truly an Eternal fact - but, how it is perceived can and does change with every such Shift in Consciousness, such as is what is occurring now. - (More to follow on this subject; watch this space)

Adjustments are necessary now!

Posted by Brenda May on January 22, 2012 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (2)

We need to become more consciously aware of the constant adjustments we have to make in order to keep pace with the speedy changes; and how they react on our physical bodies, as well as our other higher body systems. All is relative, and, rather like the 'domino effect' once the movement began it has to come into our daily consciousness.  The understanding of the 'Hundred monkey syndrome' is of great and lasting value here.  It enlarges the truth that all ae not JUST responsible for The Self, but can be most valuable to all who are on our particular 'wave length' - those who are in fact part and parcel of our group-soul family.  We may not even have had occassion to meet up with them, but merely by our entering into our essence via meditations, we can and do automatically link with them.  As this does become the norm, and it will, then will life become so much easier as the altercations in life become less and less - IF this occurrence happens in a purely 'natural manner - or; it is instigated from, and continues out from the Essence of Existence, from where the initial consciousness for our particular universe starts out from; and IS NOT 'artificially produced' via the understandings of physics alone.  For this would not respect the Energy coming from The Essence of Existence. - We have a unique 'window' let us all be responsible thought energy beings in ensuring that ALL do enter the higher dimensions within of the proper Intention - That of Purest Love; in the Purest fashion; for the Purest of reasons:- 


Life in Knock, Ireland

Posted by Brenda May on December 6, 2011 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Life in Knock is, on the whole quiet in comparison to Essex, which is a good thing really, as it does provide the space to 'find yourself' - Now, this concept is of vital importance when we consider the fact that all, or, most of us are entering into our own unique version of the Ascenicon Process.  To this end I am adding details of my personal progression; (albeit of a s-l-o-w procedure), on the 'progression of Self' page.  We are still aspiring to the very highest we can muster whilst in the act of meditation; as it is well known that as those of the purest intentions do progress, so too, as presently, we are in the land of duality - then so do other energies also progress.  Well, this is fine, and the best of luck to them.  We would say Bless you all on your pathways; we shall, allow you the peace of personal progression, so kindly allow us all the same degree of status - For this we thank you:- Bless your pathway XX

A Warm Welcome!!

Posted by Brenda May on October 5, 2011 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi to everyone!!  This is the start of a new growth period for me personally, (apologies to any for not doing this before now!) -  and I hope, a new growth period for you too. Blogs are so very important these days, as everything is speeding up; and a good thing too, I must say - for there is such a lot that needs to Come out of the undergrowth, into the light of knowledge - to clear anything; and make a clean; clear pathway for us all to tread, without that dreaded word, FEAR - that may prevent a positive move into the future, for ALL our sakes!!  Let us all send thoughts out to enable this to come to pass - Please!  Bless everyone of the members of this site, and I hope you all will progress along the path of Love - Bren' XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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