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We are holding mediations every Monday from 11am - 12 noon GMT to upgrade the level of Purest Light; Love; Peace all within the concept of the one All encompassing Truth for our Universe. The INTENTION of doing anything is often just as important as the act itself - so we all know the intentions of this site is to see us all through into the next phase of our existence in PEACE; LOVE AND HARMONY - if your intentions coincide with ours, then a warm welcome is yours! This will assist us all in the transmuttation from one energy system and onto a far finer frequency for ALL of us on this planet - Lol XXX

 Also, we intend sending out daily energy specifically for the intention of building up a positive charge around this earh plane, for anyone who maybe in need.  We are going into energy shifts on a massive scale when ALL will feel the effects on each and every aspects of our lives - Bless you all, and just contact if in need - Lol Bren' XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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The American Dream

This is the page where we will explore the metaphysical connections between our two countries, which must now become a lot stronger, in order to grow in the way intended.

There has always been very close links with America, and always will be.  Great Britain, being considered, the 'Mother Country'. and not for nothing either.  The 'British Empire' for instance; brought forth a great many changes across at least half of the globe; and certainlty set the pace for much of what is currently happening, and for much of what is to come.

So much springs up from the 'loins' of Great Britain; and has for one reason or another been 'exported' to be of great and lasting benifit to many countries, America in particular.  So, it makes sense for us to team up once more in a united front, at this time of great changes for the World as a whole.

There is a great and lasting love for America, and all her inhabitants, I can feel it coming through as I type this into the computer, so the links are to grow even more, and a good job too.

We can both now pull together, to create something quite wonderful for this World in the near future.  I will add some links to sites in America here for you:-


As we all are moving forward, so we will find our thoughts / feelings / attitudes will have to undergo a radical overhaul, else we will not be keeping pace with the rest of the energies surrounding us - and will not be progressing the way that was originally intended when we first thought of incarnating.  One of the signs of our progression will be to overcome the present attitudes of ourselves and of others, so we can easily see the changes taking place.  We can make a point of checking our progression trhough writting down all thoughts that enter our minds; therefore our brain patterns will change accordingly - this process alone should convince us that time truly is :-

     T-The / I - individual / M - manipulation (of) E - energy

So, we know for sure that we are truly responsible for the type of future for our children etc... as well as for the universe in general.

It is so important that we un derstand our role in life. which is to support each other, because if - when we have thoroughly taken a good look at ourselves, both regarding the outer, 'everyday Self' and the 'Inner multi-dimensional Self' and then taken steps to upgrade ourselves to the required standard, we then will find ourselves given opportunities to help others in ways we would not think possible.

It is this understanding I mention now regarding our supporting America.  Although Politically it seems we are as different as 'chalk and cheese', it TRUTH we are as twins, each giving the other much needed guidence and support, as and when required.  The present scenario must be played out as well as the one being acted out on the stage of the 'Parallel Universe' which as you must know by now runs alongside the physical/material Universe we live in this 'now' of our consciousness.  The Next World is this Parallel Universe, as it impinges itsself upon our consciousness, so it becomes very relavent in our lives; not merely on the pages of the 'Science Fiction' magazines. 

It is  my belief that our two countries, working together will provide a completly new direction for the world.

The time is coming when our two countries are going to form a very tangible alliance as the whole earth’s Political world begins to change - It is ’written’ that America will lead the world’ as a 'Superpower'; but not before we have gotten through this present scenario, which will in effect act as a clearing out of all un-necessary aspects which are no longer needed as the Global changes take place.

There is a saying that ’No man is an Island’ well that goes for Countries too, especially if they are to take on an important role as to lead the entire Earth plane through its next phase. Therefore, it has to be stated here and now that, the complete harmonising of this commitment which has been set in stone as from the ‘beginning of time’ can not perfectly take place without the understanding the Ireland has the purest of the Spiritual energies required. Just consider her role in the Christian religion when the Roman Empire fell, it was Ireland that held the balance of the Christian energy, though not in the same respect as was laid down by Rome at the time. It is this fact that saved the Christian religion form total wipe-out, let us not forget these events, as they do assist in the growth of this planet Earth as she travels through her evolution

As a Spiritual-scientist of the Metaphysical aspect of life, it is my role to inject only the highest frequencies of vibration into any and every aspect of life, and I do my very best in this regard; to this end then, may I say that as this scenario is taken up within it’s allotted time span, then will America be seen to have such a close alliance with UK, as to be thought of as twin-souls, which is truly the case in the energetic aspect of life now being put forward to you here. Any thoughts you may have would be most welcome - please contact me, thanks Bren’ XXXX


Saturday, 15th August 2009 @ 00.45am:-

"America and Great British Isle's Metaphysical Growth in the 21st Century, and beyond.  America needs British Isles, to bring back the True Essence, which The Founding Fathers fought for with every breath they took.

Unfortunately, as with ALL energies starting out with the Highest Ideals - once they are incarnate within the vibrations of Humanity, (and of It's Lower Mind) - As they become fully charged there, it seems to go into 'overload' and from then on, can only turn in on itself, thereby destroying what has been built up.

This period IS that process getting underway!  However, just as the original process began from within the British Isles, so, once again will those from this Mother Country, once more; through diligence; foresight and downright tenacity enter into the fray; to inject the Higher consciousness into the hearts and minds of the populace of that wonderful country."  Bless everyone XX

12/02/2012:-  "The Fab Four":-


‘The Fab’ Four” are , in alphabetical order:- England; Ireland; Wales; Scotland. Collectively they are known as; “The Isle of The Angels” Working as they do, from the Essence of Existence.

When energies are working within the Essence of Existence, there is complete and utter harmony, with each wanting the best for the others who share their particular aspect of The Mission.

The Founding Fathers who took the Original Intention with them to The United States of America; this was the equivalent of a ’clean sweep’ approach; so, every aspect of Life on Mother Earth would become as a shiny new pin. The American Constitution clearly reflecting this noble cause.

However, as with all aspects, the more they are taken up via the Lower mind of Humanity, then the noble cause becomes soured, and eventually will become ’truly rotten to the core’; this is now the case with the greater quantity of Earthly Life.

What is now occurring is a complete clearance of ALL aspects. Thereby ensuring the Truth on all levels and dimensions, will come to the fore, as is meant.

(This is being relayed, whilst the mind is tuned directly into that Essence of Existence, so will not take into account The Political; Religious; Financial aspects. They have been structured whilst outside the scope of The Essence, therefore the simplicity of this particular understanding cannot easily be translated into their situations

Within The Essence however, there is a complete harmony and the united understanding that, besides a unique platform from which to view the process; the harmonisation itself will ensure that each one will, of their own individual status, gain great and lasting benefit which will see them making a definite growth period, as the New Energy Pattern for Mother Earth takes its place. This will occur on the multidimensional concept of Life; so will / is affecting g our entire consciousness, on the ; sub; & unconsciousness also. We have personal responsibility to ensure we can become fully activated totally throughout this procedure. This we can do via our thought patterns impinging upon each and every cell and molecule of The Self; thus encouraging the change to the next ’set of building blocks’ which will be allocated to the Lower mind/body make up. Nothing is overlooked; nor will be overlooked.

The Esse4nce of Existence wishes all to transcend this period, and to successfully welcome in, and work with the newly arrived Energy Patterns. This can, and will be a uniquely successful process for us all.

Only those who still abide in the denial of The Essence of Existence of Life, in each and every aspect of Life, will feel the ’need’ to control, and therefore create ’fear’ in all aspects of Life on the Earthly conscious level.

The ’Darkness’ - Ignorance will be transformed in all guises, as the Light of Truth; with the Divine Energy of Pure Love.

The energies spoken of here are of the Essence; therefore are they Eternal. Everyone is a part of this process; as all initially come from the Essence, so all are then in True harmony with each other.


BARACK OBAMA - (4/11/2012)

Obama has accomplished much on behalf of many in that he is the first Black American to become President - That alone puts him in a favourable position in History, much as Margatet Thatcher accomplished for United Kingdom, her efforts are still reverberating; and will continue to do so.

Let us remember these times as being basic lessonsd for the rest of us.  These things far outweigh just the positions and the accolades bestowed upon them whilst in Political Life. These are the aspects we should noe be focusing upon.

The Muslim Faith has a 'Commandment' saying that; "Warfare Brings The Cleansing Process Needed To Be Nearer To The One God.

This, I think, does not concern the battlefield with guns etc:... but, the warfare of overcoming the obstacles which prevent the coming together, once more, of The Humasn-Soul System.

Life is changing in a Positive manner, reflected in the use of un-manned 'drones' and such-like equipment, brought in as The Human-Soul System has now begun to object to being used in these aspects of Life.

Can The 'Group-Soupl System gain some confidence, knowing that, WE ALL DO FULLY UNDERSTAND that the finer frequencies of Existence are now entering into the Earthly Consciousness of Humanity.

I repeat the fact that I write this from 'The Essence' of my consciousness - meaning, I AM NOT attacking the present Political / Religious aspects of Life on Earth; These aspects are now commencing to 'harden Hearts' and to build barriers against these new aspects of the finer consciousness - That the above is the way I see how Life is just now.  We are coming up to 'That Date'; - 21 / 12 /2012 - The End of The Mayan Calender - meaning the end of one Energy System in favour of a new and finer energy system, whereby ALL of Earthly Life will become transmutted into the finer-tuned aspect of Itself.







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