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We are holding mediations every Monday from 11am - 12 noon GMT to upgrade the level of Purest Light; Love; Peace all within the concept of the one All encompassing Truth for our Universe. The INTENTION of doing anything is often just as important as the act itself - so we all know the intentions of this site is to see us all through into the next phase of our existence in PEACE; LOVE AND HARMONY - if your intentions coincide with ours, then a warm welcome is yours! This will assist us all in the transmuttation from one energy system and onto a far finer frequency for ALL of us on this planet - Lol XXX

 Also, we intend sending out daily energy specifically for the intention of building up a positive charge around this earh plane, for anyone who maybe in need.  We are going into energy shifts on a massive scale when ALL will feel the effects on each and every aspects of our lives - Bless you all, and just contact if in need - Lol Bren' XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Progression of Self

12th January, 2012:-

"First of all, I want to wish everyone the best of all positive energies in which to walk with throughout this period - Next, I want to let you know that ALL of those who are experiencing blocks; trauma, etc:....  Are in fact going through the Ascension / Shift in consciousness, or whatever understanding you may have about the present scenario, now being played out around this Mother Earth - This HAS to enter the mind / brain area of our bodies, and must be allowed to proceed without hinderance, if all are to move through the shift with the least possible upheaval.


To go into  this process is certainly not pleasent in any way - but, it is an experience; and surely we are on this earth for precisely that purpose??  Having just recently undergone this process myself I can and will say without question; it is very valuable to have this experience.  I have finally conquered it, and have emerged a better person; more balanced and more capable of working within the new energies in a very positive manner.

The purpose of letting you know how I am getting through this period, is to help you understand the procedure of it all metaphorically, and how it relates to the physical, world of matter body; this is what happens when the time comes for each one as and when they are ready to undergo the process.  Why should anyone be immune to this shifting in consciousness??  When the earth plane herself undergoes much more severe conditions. ......... 

 To be continued as and when most appropriate.

This page is where I shall reveal to all, the progression of my 'self' as we travel through the many experiences upon Mother Earth.

The only reason for 'baring my Soul' is to give some much needed encouragment to anyone who maybe in need. Right; here we go then:-

At this present moment I am going through the sage of coming to terms with 'me', not very easy this one; as I was spoiled as a child (ahh) so have been living with a weird impression that I was different from others around me!  Can you guess how that manifested itself? So, having come to the understanding that I am no different than you, or, my next door neighbour; I have to learn that yes; I do have a unique purpose on this planet! As does everyone who has incarnated on Mother Earth just now, as there is much to accomplish during this period, and a great many have been 'diverted' from their pathway for various reasons.  Mine is not the work of pointing the finger; or casting blame on anyone, or, on any situation.  However these things do happen, which needs to be, so keeping alive Natures own way of the understanding that; 'The Fittest Survive'.

Of course, we all know that the one true energy needed to survive anythihng, is the Energy of Universal Love - this Energy binds the entirety of life together, and unless fear is introduced into the equasion will see you through every experience you are likely to have to go through.  As long as you are walking the corridor of Love; Light and Truth all will be well with you.

I know this, simply because I was spoiled rotten, I had ample opportunity to explore the energies within me - so I guess we do after all have the life most appropriate for our present carnation this time round.

Having spent much time on getting to know my Inner, therefore Real Self, I then began to relate this Inner Self to my immediate surroundings; feeling my way forward; meeting new friends, entering into new situations, and conditions, this time with a much more calmer attitude, knowing that I had a clearer understanding of who I am, and much more to the point - WHY I Am Who I Am - if this makes sense to you.

All the time keeping a clear focus of what it is I desire to achieve in life; though at the same time realising I may not obtain it.  If this is the case, it will be for the same reason many others fail in their personal quests; and that is, they let themselves down.  We often are our own worst enemies - and that is not an exaggeration either - it is time we all examined ourselves; not pointing the finger at another till we have looked at ourselves.

At this time in the evolution of earth, therefore of ourselves, absolutely anything can come forward for us to explore, as we do so we are in fact exploring our attitudes to the situation/condition presented to us.  Yes! the greatest discovery to be made is within us.  For we are all a compleete representaion of the entire galaxy, and can easily communicate with life other than the physical material, simply because it is all within our make up.  We are each one - Multi-dimensional creatures.  It is 'what' our Spiritual-self is made up of, that part of us that sends us the ideas we can work on; that part of us that provides us with 'automatic writing, how we create anything for example.

If we realy do wish to find the answer to the question; 'Who am I? What makes me, ME? Then we will only find that answer truly by looking at just about everything that makes up this planet, as well as the other stars and planets, this is what our physical self is made of! Then can we begin to grasp the enormity of the question we are asking ourselves; have we gone to far in our searching for the meaning of life - when we only have to look at US!  I for one am finding this subject totally amazing; not that it means I am so important to me at the exclusion of others of my ilk; for they are a vital part of who I am, seeing as they are made up of the same stuff - Truly we all do NEED each other, lets make no mistake about this, by allowing mis-trust; fear and every other negative thought to enter into our consciousness.




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