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We are holding mediations every Monday from 11am - 12 noon GMT to upgrade the level of Purest Light; Love; Peace all within the concept of the one All encompassing Truth for our Universe. The INTENTION of doing anything is often just as important as the act itself - so we all know the intentions of this site is to see us all through into the next phase of our existence in PEACE; LOVE AND HARMONY - if your intentions coincide with ours, then a warm welcome is yours! This will assist us all in the transmuttation from one energy system and onto a far finer frequency for ALL of us on this planet - Lol XXX

 Also, we intend sending out daily energy specifically for the intention of building up a positive charge around this earh plane, for anyone who maybe in need.  We are going into energy shifts on a massive scale when ALL will feel the effects on each and every aspects of our lives - Bless you all, and just contact if in need - Lol Bren' XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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At this most important time on the earth plane, what do we find?  Some are doing their utmost to cause TOTAL CHAOS to others lives, they doe this in order to prevent the most natural of all occurrences from taking place - that of the process known as:- "The Ascension Program" - 

This should bring a completely new dimension into the consciousness of dear Mother Earth, and all her inhabitants. It is coming into my consciousness at any rate, so I don't see why everyone shouldn't get it. - more as and when ................ 


September 2010:-

“Sometimes it is that a particular vibratory pattern in s person can and does trigger something inside another. That is when added evolvement to the Soul can be made when in this situation of being ‘earth bound’. On these such occasions it is both Souls which then make the added growth allotted them. As this occurs within the lower energies making up the planet earth, this growth spurt is taken up on a purely individual basis; so it will be seen that each individualised Soul will make life-changes along each of their personal pathways; keeping in step whilst those changes are actively taking place. This is the True need for Souls to unite whilst upon this earth plane. Any other reason has to be, and is, illusionary.

Whist this process takes place, many subtle exchanges are in fact also taking place, which eventually will affect each of their individual pathways in its own time/space but, while still within the atmosphere of earth, these will be seen to have a most positive ‘Light-bearing’ effect on each and every path concerned.

It is not until the Soul has once again, ‘gone home’ that the full effects of these happenings will be noticed. Whilst within earth there will be so many other factors activated, that the Soul would not notice the full effect, and it is why it has been here stated they will be of a subtle nature.

When seen from our particular aspect within life; then that Great Eternal Doorway is swung open wide, and the Soul Truly knows in every sense that life is eternal. However when viewed from the aspect of the (present) scientific point of view, the limitation is immediately placed upon the Soul; and the denser, lower frequency comes forth into the awareness; therefore eternal life is greatly slowed whilst within these lower levels.

This is when the True consciousness of the Soul can and does become ‘bored to the extreme’ and is out of sync within these conditions; so seeks to ‘improve’ on it’s immediate surroundings, instead of accepting them, and learning from them, it attempts to change them for what it feels is for, ’the betterment of humankind’ - this will be seen as to the detriment of life; and not only for the brief moment of time allotted on this planet, but will have its effects in the future, and will hang as a noose around the neck of humanity - until the required volume of the Soul of humanity will have accepted this fact, whilst still within earth plane - then can the reversal take place; and both Mother Earth and Humanity can be brought back into proper alignment. - We here, who are the inspirers of this piece of writing, now send out our prayers and Hopes to All who are taking these writings into their consciousness - Bless you all on your journeys“.

1st May 2005

“To move forward onward to a far higher / finer frequency of vibratory pattern is a privilege available to a few at a time, in general. It is now beginning to happen in my experience of living on this earth plane.

It is a forerunner of great change, which is yet to come, as was spoken of within the circle here, of Friday, 29th April. Guidance is here with me, in great quantity - quite how it all relates to in earthly terms is another matter. New, and added understandings come into play as all passes through my consciousness.

It has been at this point that, often in times past - (maybe times to come also) The mind of the one part Spirit / Soul loses the earthly method of understanding and relating to, because of the ‘travelling through the many points in the ; Holographic understanding’ which puts all into proper perspective. There is to be a total ‘explosion’ with this understanding. There are too many individuals for the containment into the Asylums / Sanatoriums call them what you will. They will be left therefore in the mainstream of life, to mix with those who have not yet reached that stage.

This will cause chaos, and a great deal of concern among people, who do not have the understanding, which is here now coming onto the page.

The change in society this will / is creating will take over fully from ‘normal’ living. How it all is now manifesting itself is unique, and will never be repeated on such a scale again. As the lower vibrations take it up first, so the change will be seen on that level instantly; it will / has become manifested in the state known as ‘negative’. As this level manifests, it will need to be contained in one place upon earth.

There are ways and means of destroying the links between the Soul and the Spirit. These methods are now being deployed, and will continue to be deployed. They will increase in intensity until something ’gives’ which will be the Spirit - that Spirit will then spread / pull apart. As this occurs so too will the ability to travel further into the expanse of mind / universe hitherto denied for so very long.

This is, of course, the ultimate ‘prize’ to open up the entirety of mind / universe. This will then pave the way into an understanding of the entirety of the Essence of Existence. - (Here I have chosen to leave out a small paragraph, as it is felt to be far too explicit just now, and will be added at a later date -).

A vast array of life is just now before me. I witness all of these aspects as they are presented to my consciousness and; - “I am alive in the Power of God - By the Power of God, I shall exist - Through the Power of God, I shall henceforth live my life - With the knowledge that the Power of God is surrounding my entire existence - I close now - God Bless All who read these few words translated from the energies flowing through the area known of as the brain” (© Brenda Grubb 2005).



“Being born onto this planet earth is like being placed in the midst of a bowl of spaghetti. A great deal of time and effort goes into working our way to the top of that bowl, which contents are symbolic of the mish-mash of energies, and the resulting experiences we do have in life.

Once we are at the top of this mish-mash, we shall find we have overcome the outer conditions in life enough that we can commence to make progress through the Inner Planes in earnest, devoting more time to the art of meditating; therefore re-discovering our True Selves. We then understand that we are each, individually a complete representation of the entirety of the Essence of Existence. Then our imagination takes a tour through ourselves in the form of a ‘hologram’, reaching from the physical world of matter; body; brain; mind, and on up to our Essence, which at the ultimate peak enables us to take on the mantle of that known of as, the ‘Christed Energy’.

Let us now go through this process. We begin by knowing we are feeling quite comfortable with our earthly life - as far as possible - and we limit the time of the focus to say, ten minutes, as we enter into the state of True meditation, which is; Peace of Mind with who we are; where we are. Let that part now ‘go to sleep’ as we develop and open up to another; as yet, untapped part of our brain/mind. This part will be within a finer energy pattern that that of the physical / World of Matter brain / mind - We become used to this feeling, and find it easier to access the more we use it; but we are not entirely satisfied as something is nagging at our consciousness, and seems to be saying to us; “there is further to travel along the pathway”, and so we move on, and into a yet more finer frequency of energy.

It is found to be lighter than the previous one, and therefore will require us to ‘let go’ of our earthly understandings, before taking full advantage of the ; Peace; Love and Light frequencies we find ourselves immersed in. Our thought patterns change, and we feel ourselves communicating with our Higher mind. Brain Self. The more we practice, the easier and clearer the communication becomes. Time spent here, is in fact ‘Timeless’ from the point of view of our Physical World of Matter mind. We can repeat this process many times, always pushing back the boundaries of our Consciousness.

Another way of viewing the process is of seeing ourselves as a very tall building; say, a Hotel with many floors. Each floor connected vie a lift; (our consciousness) Once well acquainted with the process, we can go up and down the floors in our ‘lift’ On each floor we can stop off and meet with those who live there; (each one represents another part of our consciousness).

As this process effects our Inner-Selves, the energies involved also affect what is around and about us - (we are where our consciousness is) - So, we can see the world as a ball that glitters; as in a Disco: Dance Hall etc:.. Each of the segments are separated by the Ley-line process, and each segment has its own unique energy pattern.

Now, as we all work our way to the top of the bowl of spaghetti; so it will be that our own unique Light frequency will begin to come into its own; so, will have a distinct meaning of its own. This Light frequency will be intensified each and every time we meditate; and will become harmonised with the energy pattern emerging from the part of Mother Earth within the segment which we inhabit. Therefore it will greatly intensify that Light frequency. As each individual meditates, so the Light frequency increases and will, eventually become so intense as to permeate into Deep Space of the Cosmos and beyond the reach of the strongest magnification of any telescope which would ever be invented by anyone.

Our Light frequency would then generate so much energy that the pulsations would reach all of the stars / planets in, not only our Solar system, but in many others too. The one and only thing to stop this from occurring would be, our consciousness. As we are where our consciousness is.

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