The Gathering


Virtual Events (^:^)!

We are holding mediations every Monday from 11am - 12 noon GMT to upgrade the level of Purest Light; Love; Peace all within the concept of the one All encompassing Truth for our Universe. The INTENTION of doing anything is often just as important as the act itself - so we all know the intentions of this site is to see us all through into the next phase of our existence in PEACE; LOVE AND HARMONY - if your intentions coincide with ours, then a warm welcome is yours! This will assist us all in the transmuttation from one energy system and onto a far finer frequency for ALL of us on this planet - Lol XXX

 Also, we intend sending out daily energy specifically for the intention of building up a positive charge around this earh plane, for anyone who maybe in need.  We are going into energy shifts on a massive scale when ALL will feel the effects on each and every aspects of our lives - Bless you all, and just contact if in need - Lol Bren' XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Consciousness Shift




It is no coincidence that the event known as; The Gathering, is now taking place in Ireland, and is also sharing in one of the most significant moments in the History of The Earth Plane, taking place in the same period as The Great Shift in Consciousness, which affects us all; each and every one according to their level of conscious awareness; An awareness which is occurring simultaneously, and is transmuting through from the very densest, lowest frequency of vibration, moving directly through to the very lightest; finest frequency residing at The Essence of Existence.

Each and every frequency of vibrating Energy is fully connected to, and in place within its own sequence to The Essence of Existence.



“How does The Gathering relate into this shift in Consciousness?”



“The Ancient peoples of Ireland; The Celts were firmly established in their understandings that all belong to Nature. Nature truly is the one energy pattern which has a direct relationship with The Essence of Existence within this Earth Plane. Ireland is the country where Christianity survived the collapse of The Roman Empire; Christianity being the only Religion which relates directly to, and converses with a higher authority than that within this Earth Plane; “Our Father, Which Art In Heaven” - The Essence of Existence is truly residing within this Earth Plane today; we all can relate to it when we ‘go within’, spending time in deep thought; reminiscing; pondering upon ’our fate’ etc:…. Ireland is a most wonderful place to do this, as the Energies are so very light and is why the pace of life is so very ‘easy-going‘ compared to other countries just now. This is the precise reason for it being chosen to work from the very lightest; highest frequencies in vibration in order to play its part in the uniting once more, of Humanity to The Essence in its entirety.


The Essence has to be brought into our active consciousness firstly before anything else can be expected to connect once more to The Essence in its own fully active conscious manner.


Once The Consciousness has been fully awakened to The Essence within Earth Plane, then can the rest of the frequencies of each and every vibration follow. As they do so, they leave the frequency they have been thus far working through, and all of the related conditions; apart from that of The Divine Love Vibrations, and automatically ’migrate’ to the next lighter frequency.


This process is now underway in a very unique manner, and the majority are aware of it , of course this is the true reason for all of the chaos ; in the Physical; Mental; Emotional; Spiritual bodies of not only all life forms on this Earth Plane; but also The Earth Plane its self, in the guises of Tsunami’s Earthquakes; Floods etc:…. The very core of Earth is effected, as it raises its frequency, in direct accordance with the Fundamental Laws of Nature.


We, each one of us on this Earth Plane today are truly playing our part in this process; though not all are conscious of its happening, and are going about their daily lives regardless of the ’odd-balls’ around them, who are meditating away ’like mad’:- Just think back to the 60’s and the Halcyon Days of ’Flower Power’ The Beatles, and the ’Beautiful People; Hippies etc; because those days were the beginnings of what is now coming into ’full bloom’ , and is why there are so very many human beings on the Planet, as they all are wishing to experience this phenomena in the practical sense; “They can keep it”, I hear some of you say!!