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We are holding mediations every Monday from 11am - 12 noon GMT to upgrade the level of Purest Light; Love; Peace all within the concept of the one All encompassing Truth for our Universe. The INTENTION of doing anything is often just as important as the act itself - so we all know the intentions of this site is to see us all through into the next phase of our existence in PEACE; LOVE AND HARMONY - if your intentions coincide with ours, then a warm welcome is yours! This will assist us all in the transmuttation from one energy system and onto a far finer frequency for ALL of us on this planet - Lol XXX

 Also, we intend sending out daily energy specifically for the intention of building up a positive charge around this earh plane, for anyone who maybe in need.  We are going into energy shifts on a massive scale when ALL will feel the effects on each and every aspects of our lives - Bless you all, and just contact if in need - Lol Bren' XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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A few thoughts from Knock:

October 2012



The time is now coming when THE TRUTH in all its Glory shall be exposed to THE LIGHT of full blown awareness in each and every aspect of life as we know it to be at this moment in time. This action will most certainly have certain repercussions albeit of a temporary nature; none the less for that, there are going to be opportunities for several ‘moping - up’ sessions, before all is finally cleansed. Things will never be the same again; in many respects, this will be good, for much of what is happening now, but in the light of reality we no longer need; will be swept away; whilst there will be the changes that others would find erroneous. The saying; “Swings and Round-a-bouts” springs to mind here.

EACH AND EVERY aspect of life is having to search its ‘soul’ now; and this includes the Religious movements, whom many rely on, more so than others, but, as they all portray some aspect of the Divine, in one way or another, and as the Divine is our proof of Everlasting Life, as in the Teachings of Jesus (the) Christ(ed) a Soul who has been a major example to so many, for so long now; now is the time when we arte going to be able to learn of The TRUTH of that example, by merging with that inspirational Soul, to go through our own version of The Ascension process. As we do so, many of us shall need the strength, which should be given from those who purport to be the earthly counterpart of the Divine in action today on this earth plane; and what do we find? Chaos within; I am not putting blame on anyone, let me make that quite plain from the start! We ALL need to look within to put right any faults, which may prevent us from progressing any further; no, I do not point the finger, rather I have looked very deeply into my own self, and been found wanting, so am now in the process of correcting anything which may hinder my progress, and each one is/should be doing the same.

Lets wipe the proverbial slates clean huh? And begin to grow toward the Light of True understanding; WITHOUT; ‘pressing’ any; panic; alarm ‘buttons’; without looking around for anyone to blame!

We CAN ALL come through this together, maybe the phrase; ’as one’ ; may not sit too well with everyone, but in the sense of wanting others to benefit in the same way we are sure that we shall positively benefit.

Whatever the terminology used; ’together’; higher; ’lighter’ freedom’ surely it is what is now the thing to aim for???.

I am typing this whilst in Knock, the place where the ‘whole gang’ appeared, (and no, I’m not being disrespectful!), I am just using modern terminology on the subject. Looking at it symbolically now:- There was The Mother figure; The Father figure; The Teacher, as in John The Divine; and The Lamb of God; also recognised as The slain Jesus, after his crucifixion (that’s how I understand it to be anyway, apologies for offending anyone) AND the Angel hosts also, so that is letting us ALL know that here is the strength; power, knowledge you need to get you ALL through the next period!

There was NO verbal message, so that means, each one receives just WHAT they are in need of ; just WHEN the are in need of it! They all appeared on the Gable Wall of the local church, not inside when a service was underway; so that says to me; they were meaning the silent message to be shared by everyone, not just the one Religious Order!

Now, the message is quite clear to me! “This is the way, the Truth and The Light, for the whole of the Human Soul system, This is the new energy system needed to take you all through the coming process; you all possess the Essence of Existence within; find it; hold onto it; and allow it to grow by leaving that which is no longer needed; grasp hold of this which is to be found at the Essence of you all, and walk forward with positive steps”

All the above is my own personal understanding of the message from Knock, County Mayo, Eire. - Any issues, please contact me, Yours in Truth and Joy, Bren’ XX


October, 29th 2012


Now we are on the end of a long tail of a very long slice of Earth history; as it is being played out on a very public playing field. The members of the cast in this particular play have long been in the wings waiting their turn to take centre stage, and have the full glare of the spot-lights upon them. Those of us who are; in the audience, as it were, watch their every movement in awe, as they so competently take their places upon the Stage of Life.

The spot-light not only shines upon the Physical / material aspects of Earthly Life, but also upon All Metaphysical aspects of Life, in every guise imaginable. We too who look toward that set of Actors, we too are seen in yet another spot-light - and so it is with the entirety of Existence; Each and every atom; molecule; cells of every kind: Stem-cells; DNA Structure. Every single Atom of dust making up this Physical World we now inhabit has to be screened; and whilst undergoing that process, it is that the next phase of existence can be shown, and included into the Mass Consciousness of this entire Universe.

Never doubt for one moment that you are being left out or, overlooked. We each will be undergoing this same process, which is why the whole structure of Society; the culture; The Religious; The Governmental structures of Mother Earth is now being transformed.

How will we cope with such a monumental exchange???:-

As one ’set of building blocks’ falls away; so another set is waiting to take its place, and in order to access the next set, we shall find the process of Meditation an excellent beginning - in the act of Meditation you find the Inner - Higher Mind right? That then will provide you with yet another ’door’ to access into an even finer aspect of that Inner - Higher Self. This is the point at which you would easily recognise the next step in the tapping into the state of consciousness needed for opening your consciousness up to the joys of obtaining a far more agreeable form of living life in this present dimension.

First of all, the ’old method’ is swept aside, as is the case now. Every aspect of living:- Religious; Political; Social; Financial; etc:.. Is now undergoing this same process.

Yes! I quite agree, it is very disconcerting to say the least, and were it not for the fact that theree are those who DO understand exactly what is occurring, and can lead the way through the ’darkness’ of Ignorance, as well as the ’lovely’ aspect known as fear; which keeps being resurrected at every possible moment. These aspects will be no more in a relatively short space of time - there ARE those among us who can guide us over the blocks put in our paths to prevent the many from obtaining what the next stage is offering us ALL, without exception.

The next set of building blocks offers a far higher/finer stage of life, where The Self is in full command over and above all the present lower consciousness.

This is exactly where we are now. ALL should be preparing for that next stage. So we need to stop looking ; observing the ’outer life’ which is already disintegrating before our eyes, and instead concentrate fully on obtaining the full consciousness of the Next Stage - The Next Set of Building Blocks, we should/shall ALL be absorbing into our own personal & unique consciousness - to get to that stage proper, we would be best advised to hold out the hand of friendship, and of complete understanding, whereas we often find ourselves automatically finding fault in ourselves, and in others. It is in everyone’s interest if we all concentrate on reaching into our Inner / Higher Selves, and fine-tuning ourselves to that next stage of consciousness.

Focus awareness and every intention of why you are here, at the finest frequency possible, then ’look around’ making notes that you will deal with everyone; situation; condition; personality, which you perceive as a ’stumbling-Block, preventing you from reaching your next stage of progression. Do this in ways which will neither compromise yourself - or - the one which needs to be dealt with - never would you want to prevent their progression, nor your own! So you will need to use ALL of your acumen to ensure totally both yours and their personal progression. This will envolve total forgiveness from you.

This is a time for re-adjustments on each one’s path - NOT for elimination of any kind! For this is not our responsibility; neither is it the ‘’time’ - these responsibilities lies with our One Creator of this wondrous Universe, and of ALL such Universes. - TOO MUCH - TOO SOON will prove to be the TOTAL destruction of much more than is intended for this particular ’Period-of-Time’. - LOVE ALWAYS BREN’ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


- (A previous message)-Well, you know me by now, I try to find out as much as I can about a subject before having a go! There has been another ‘twisting of the corkscrew’ of Life’s Bottle of wonders! It puts me in mind of how it must have been for everyone during the 2nd WW - The growing need to come together; for either: physical; emotional; mental, or even spiritual safety!! Ok, then that has set the scene for the next bit. - True, the only ‘enemy’ as far as I can see is good old fear! That good old standby to be brought out in emergencies. The one aspect in Life which purports to be of a Higher Stature is:- Religion, which should provide the key to ALL earthly ills right? Well, it is absolutely possible for this to happen, and quickly. Those Religions who are of the understanding there is but ONE above who serves ALL, should be looking to themselves now, putting their individual houses in order firstly; then seeking to come together at the very highest order; for the highest good of ALL. Holding a major conference; discussing the fact that they each as individuals hold to the fact that there is TRULY just the One Above; and act accordingly, to organise themselves into a neutral stable group to be accountable to God, including ALL of the many names which God has been given by many, who have done so for their own particular benefit - this all has now to come to an end - for the sake of ALL. A merging together has to take place NOW! In a Truly Metaphysical sense, leaving not one group out of the equation! The main reason for my being so committed to the ‘Spiritualist’ way of seeing everything, is that there is complete free-will to chose; knowing that each is responsible for themselves; that there is a definite truth that ALL are indeed equal, and are able to make the fullest use of all the gifts and talents within, and therefore are truly God-given. I think that we have all gone too far along this road we are presently on. It has encouraged (and still is ) - greed; jealousy; hatred, to name but a few. Anyway I have had my say! Maybe this will be read and taken note of in some form or another. I certainly hope so. We need to be clear about what kind of future we all know will be easier to develop into a true society for the future of us all, and those who are to follow in our wake as it were. Of course there is ALWAYS that possibility of the whole thing turning into a scenario described in the book, “Animal Farm” , Author: George Orwell - In fact it might well be advisable for all to read that book, it provides all who read it with the clues needed to prevent certain patterns being repeated. (Sorry for the lack of humour here; I promise to make up for this later on)!! Meanwhile - Love Always to everyone - LOVE ALWAYS - BREN' XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


























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