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We are holding mediations every Monday from 11am - 12 noon GMT to upgrade the level of Purest Light; Love; Peace all within the concept of the one All encompassing Truth for our Universe. The INTENTION of doing anything is often just as important as the act itself - so we all know the intentions of this site is to see us all through into the next phase of our existence in PEACE; LOVE AND HARMONY - if your intentions coincide with ours, then a warm welcome is yours! This will assist us all in the transmuttation from one energy system and onto a far finer frequency for ALL of us on this planet - Lol XXX

 Also, we intend sending out daily energy specifically for the intention of building up a positive charge around this earh plane, for anyone who maybe in need.  We are going into energy shifts on a massive scale when ALL will feel the effects on each and every aspects of our lives - Bless you all, and just contact if in need - Lol Bren' XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Who We Are

We are a site for all those who truly know they are far more than just the usual 'flesh & blood' variety of Human Being. - Those who wish to find out more about themselves can easily do so, all you need to do is, join the membership firstly, then we can get to know each other, by chatting and gradually finding some common ground. I have always felt that I was greater than what I appeared when looking at the mirror, and so, as I never could get answers without a strange look I realised that I was on my own; so set to work finding out all I could from the only possible place, which was within my own self.  I, therefore have come to know 'me' from within.  A far different person than the outer one I can assure you of that.  Maybe you will come to know a different 'you' than the one in the mirror.

We are going to have some great times I can tell already(-:-)xx


Assistance for You X

We are holding special Meditation afternoons,on the last Friday in the month, begining in September.  Also ther is Metaphysical Healing; as well as Metaphysical Readings available - please contact fro a booking - We are here to assist in these days of change and look forward to helping XXXX

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